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Support Services
Nursing Home Transition and the Transition to Freedom Fund

The Nursing Home Transition Program provides assistance to people with disabilities who wish to transition out of costly and isolating nursing homes to they may live full, independent lives in their own homes in the communities they choose.

The move from a nursing home to a residence in the community is much more than a physical change. It includes an increasing sense of self-direction and decision-making on the part of the individual who is transitioning. It often means not only living where one chooses, but also becoming a full participant in community activities. Living in the community also means developing and using informal supports as well as the more formal supports and services. As a person who wants to transition, success is dependent on you and your willingness to take a proactive role in the process and commitment to change.

The average costs not covered by state or federal funding for a Consumer to transition into the community is $6,500. Many who wish to move out of nursing homes into their own homes lack the resources to cover these expenses. The Transition to Freedom Fund helps to cover the out-of-pocket expenses. To help support the journey home for people with disabilities, please make a donation to the Transition to Freedom Fund.

Each year, Liberty Resources helps nearly fifty Consumers regain the independence and dignity they deserve. To see some of the success stories and learn about the Transition to Freedom Fund, click here.

Specialized Services: Specialized services are designed to assist nursing home residents with being as independent as possible while living in a nursing home. If you or someone you know is a nursing home resident who would like to receive specialized services, speak with the nursing home social worker.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME): Gaining access to the appropriate assistive technology like wheelchairs is critical to people with disabilities.

Youth Services

Youth Services ensures a successful transition of youth with disabilities into the workplace and adulthood. Through mentorship and employment, independent living, and health and wellness among youth and young adults in the Philadelphia region.