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Consumer Workforce Council in the News

On Wednesday, January 28th, the crisis in our long term care workforce made the news when a major New York Times editorial pointed to the costs of underpaying home caregivers.  Read the article here, and then tell your friends and family that now is the time to fix the home care crisis in Pennsylvania.

"Poor pay for long hours leads to high turnover, which undermines the quality of care," says the Times.  "Turnover also drives up the cost of providing home care - a needless drain on Medicaid, which pays for many home care services."

"Nearly half of home care workers rely on food stamps or other public assistance," the editorial continues.  That means taxpayers pay and pay as our home care crisis grows. 

Tell your friends and family now that we have to build a retainable, reliable workforce to get the home care seniors and people with disabilities need.

As the second-fastest growing occupation in the country, homecare could be part of our economic recovery. We must "ensure that home care, a 21st-century growth industry, creates good jobs."

Pennsylvania's homecare workers make an average of $8.50 an hour, without the health benefits or time off they need to stay on the job.  But Pennsylvania’s Consumer Workforce Council would give seniors, people with disabilities, and caregivers a way to work together to ensure that people who want to manage their own long term care services in their homes are able to do so - while allowing caregivers to achieve living wages and benefits.

Tell your friends to join Pennsylvania's Campaign for the Consumer Workforce Council now by clicking here - or contact us at 1-866-598-4311, or at

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