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SSI Cuts Still included in Governor's budget. Act NOW!

Bad News.

Yesterday the PA House of Representatives approved the Governor’s proposed Budget Bill (HB 2297). This bill still contains the $22 million cut to the State Supplementary Payment. This means that the 345,000 elderly, severely disabled, and blind Pennsylvanians who have been affected by the cut this year, will have to go through another year of tremendous financial problems.

For someone receiving the SSP, this means another year of deciding which meal not to eat, which medicine not to take.

The Bill will now go to the PA Senate for approval. We expect that the process will take a few back-and-forths between the Senate and the House.

What To Do.

1)Find the name of your State Senator and Representative. How? Go to the Zip Code+4 website ( and find out your full Zip Code.

Then go to the following website ( and type in your full Zip Code in the “Find Members By” box near the top right of your screen. You can also arrive at this box by tabbing about 22 times after entering the page. (You can also use the PA General Assembly website, though you can’t tab to the “Find Members Box” there: ( The box is in the top right corner.)

2) Tuesday, March 30 is Mail-Out Day! In both Philadelphia and Allentown, we will be providing postcards to all Staff and Consumers to mail in to your State legislators.

3)Thursday, April 1 is Email/Fax Day! We will be emailing and faxing our State legislators. If you do not have access to email or fax in their homes, please come in to the offices again.

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