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Urge Congress to Secure Funds for the National Housing Trust Fund

Call Your Members of Congress Again to Secure $1B for National Housing Trust Fund

Last Chance to Pass NHTF Funding in 2009

Take Action!

Funding for the National Housing Trust Fund could be imminent. Senate and House offices needed to hear from you about the importance of ensuring capitalization of the NHTF at $1 billion and providing project-based voucher funding for most of the NHTF units.

Call your Senators and Representative now. Ask them to support including this important NHTF funding in the FY10 Department of Defense appropriations bill.

You can use this toll-free call-in number, 877-210-5351, for the congressional switchboard. Or click on the blue Take Action link above to find the phone numbers for your senators and representative.

Status of NHTF Funding

The House and Senate have until December 18 to enact the FY10 Department of Defense appropriations bill. This is a "must pass" bill. House and Senate housing leaders are in agreement to attach the NHTF funding proposal. But all Senate and House offices need to hear your support for including funding for the NHTF and the project-based vouchers in this bill in order to ensure it happens.

How Your Calls Can Help

Senators and Representatives need to know that their constituents support NHTF funding in this last-chance legislative vehicle. To help make your case, NLIHC has estimates of how much your state will receive from an initial $1 billion capitalization and how many construction and permanent jobs will be created. These estimates are available at:

This is It! Congress will adjourn for 2009 after it enacts the FY10 defense spending bill. There will not be another opportunity to enact NHTF funding until sometime later in 2010.

If you can make one more round of calls to your Representative and Senators, we believe we can secure NHTF funding and move forward in 2010 to allocate these precious resources for the production and preservation of homes affordable to extremely low income households in early 2010.

Thank you for your time and dedication.

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