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Liberty Resources and Liberty Housing & Development Corporation will celebrate the Grand Opening of the Liberty Community Integration Project at the Marine Club Condominiums, 1100 S. Broad Street, on Wednesday, December 16th from 3:30 - 5:30PM. Brenda Laroche, Deputy Regional Director of H.U.D. and Thomas Earle, C.E.O. of Liberty Resources, will be the Keynote Speakers as they present 11 fully accessible properties to the public and people with disabilities.

“The need for accessible housing for people with disabilities is something that has historically been overlooked, particularly in the Philadelphia area,” says Bruce Connus, President and C.E.O. of Liberty Housing Development Corporation. Despite legislation ensuring people with disabilities access to any public housing which is available to people without disabilities, countless barriers exist prohibiting equal access to affordable housing. “We work with landlords to design and fund accessible housing options. The opening of the Liberty Community Integration Program II is a huge step for people with disabilities in Philadelphia. Thanks to conscientious developers like Eric Blumenfeld of EB Realty Management Corp., eleven families have beautiful new homes,” says Connus. “Our main objective is to assist people moving out of the nursing homes into independent living options in the community.”

Liberty Housing & Development Corporation (LHDC) is a non-profit Community Housing Development Organization which specializes in developing housing that is affordable, accessible and integrated for people with disabilities and their families. LHDC stemmed from Liberty Resources, Philadelphia’s Center for Independent Living, in 2007.

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