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Shop for A Cause: Liberty's Transition to Freedom Fund!

On Saturday, October 17th, you can Shop for a Cause at any Macy's store! Liberty Resources is an approved beneficiary of Shop for a Cause.

Here's how it works:
You purchase a $5 coupon from Liberty Resources, which in turn entitles you to incredible savings all day long at any Macy's store on October 17, 2009. And the best part is that all proceeds from the sale of the coupons go directly to Liberty Resources Transition to Freedom Fund!

Stop in to Liberty Resources today to purchase your Shop for A Cause Macy's coupon!

About Transition to Freedom

Liberty Resources, Philadelphia's Center for Independent Living (CIL), advocates with disabled people individually and collectively, to ensure our civil rights and equal access to all aspects of life in the community.

Whether you are familiar with our mission statement or you are just hearing about Liberty for the first time, you may not be fully acquainted with the host of services we offer in pursuit of that mission. Helping Philadelphia's disabled community take control of their lives and live independently encompasses a vast catalog of resources and programs, including advocacy, peer support, information & referral, skills training, housing counseling, vocational training, nursing home transition services, attendant care, and supports coordination.

The commonality among all of our services and programs is the drive to obliterate barriers to independence in our communities. This is an enormous undertaking, but like anything else, it starts with one person, one barrier at a time.

Giving to Liberty's Transition to Freedom Fund is the most tangible way for an individual to aid us in that quest and to further the CIL's mission. When you give to the Fund, you can be certain that every dollar goes directly to helping a person with a disability transition from a nursing home or other institution to their own home in the community. Often, the barrier keeping someone from successfully transitioning to independent living is as simple and as insurmountable as a lack of funds for a security deposit on an apartment, the cost to make a bathroom accessible, or the cost to service a power wheelchair so that the individual can get around the neighborhood. And because the Fund is used to make grants of up to $500.00 to individuals to complete their transition, even a small donation can directly ensure success and independence for a person with a disability, who can then manage their own care, keep their own home, make their own decisions, take risks, laugh, love, and live as all Americans are entitled to live.

The Transition to Freedom Fund: ensuring Independent Living for people with disabilities, one liberation at a time.

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