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A Cross Disability Rally and Press Conference

We are not out of the woods yet! As most of you probably know, the budget has not yet passed and the word from the hill is that there is still fear of cuts to service for people with disabilities. Whether it is SB850 or HB1416 there will need to be cuts. This is our chance to say thank you to those who support us and fund our programs. However, we must also make sure those who do not support us hear why they must continue providing funding to services for people with disabilities.

DRN and DIA are organizing a press conference and rally at the National Conference of State Legislators Convention on Thursday, July 23, 2009 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Next Thursday, July 23rd, we will be holding a Press Conference at the Northwest corner of 11th and Arch Street entrance of the Convention Center at 12 noon with a rally to follow. Plan to be there by 11:15 am to get set. DRN and DIA are making signs and getting handouts together for that event. If you can bring signs it would be helpful.

Join us next Thursday and also make calls, emails and faxes all week to your legislators and send letters to the editor on the need to continue providing funding to services for people with disabilities. Remember that our message is funding these services for people with disabilities not only preserves independence and saves lives, it also saves money.

Many of you have been in contact with your legislators probably more than you would like but your presence is felt and you have been making a difference. We need to keep up the fight!

For more information contact Linda Anthony (570)449-4501 or Pam Auer (717)798-2807.

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