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Keeping a Light on Things--
Fight PA Budget Cuts with Us in Harrisburg on Tuesday, July 14!

State Legislators need only look across the Capitol to see Pennsylvanians both from the Aging and Disabled Communities KEEPING A LIGHT ON THINGS. These citizens are holding a candlelight vigil hoping that no harm comes to any citizen needing services in Pennsylvania especially elderly and disabled who through no fault of their own need these services to remain in the community.

Lawmakers inside the Capitol complex late into this evening will discuss removing or seriously reducing the budget lines which now support elderly and disabled people to live life in the community.
“Aging and Disabled Pennsylvanians here and around the state are meanwhile talking with family and friends to plan how they will manage basic daily care needs without the support that has made life outside of a nursing home or state funded residential setting even doable,” said Pam Auer, Organizer with Keystone ADAPT.

"For some it will mean being forced into a nursing home. For others it will mean having their life directed once again by well-meaning relatives or friends." said Cassie James Holdsworth, organizer with Pennsylvania ADAPT. "Quite frankly, it is easier to direct your own care rather than depend on people who are only doing it because they love you," Cassie James continues. "Still you must eat when the person is available. Still you must go to bed when the person is available to put you to bed. You may go without services that you have not gone without for a long time.” The candles burning tonight are the prayers and hopes of people who believe there is a better way for Pennsylvania to move out of our current budget crisis. That way begins with supporting one another first and together rebuilding Pennsylvania’s economy.

Aging and Disabled Pennsylvanians outside the Capitol tonight are not taking this hit to their basic needs without shining a light on the faces of those who would design a budget that wipes out their civil rights to live in the community.

For more information and details, please contact:

Cassie James Holdsworth
Pennsylvania ADAPT
(215) 219-0694

Pam Auer
Keystone ADAPT

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