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General Assembly Leadership Playing "Chicken" with Lives

From the Mental Health Association in PA:

Although previously defeated in the House, it appears that SB 850 is being resurrected in a game of legislative “chicken.” As a result, the unacceptable cuts to mental health and substance abuse services included in that bill are all back on the table.

You must act this morning to urge members of the House Appropriations Committee to oppose SB 850 unless it is amended to restore the dollars that support community mental health and substance abuse services. Particularly critical are the $13.532 million that the Senate cut from the Behavioral Health Services Initiative. This is a 24% decrease to mental health and drug and alcohol treatment dollars used to provide services to individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid. Lives Depend on what the General Assembly does next so make sure they hear from you. Visit:

Go to the Budget page under Materials to read detailed Budget Talking Points and BHSI Facts and to see the excel file with information on specific state and federal cuts to date and a snapshot of dollars from FY 08/09 with all of the proposals known to date.

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