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The Community Choice Act (CCA) is the KEY to Freedom!

We know the Community Choice Act (S683/HR1670) is the KEY to freedom for Americans with disabilities and older Americans!

Unfortunately this message has not yet gotten through to the Senate Finance Committee and Senator Max Baucus who is chair of that committee. Senator Baucus and the Senate Finance Committee staff have been very clear that they do NOT plan to address the institutional bias as part of healthcare reform.

Although Senator Baucus is from Montana, as Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, he plays a critical role in development of legislation that will implement healthcare reform for our entire nation, and he decides whether healthcare reform will eliminate the institutional bias. Despite repeated requests from Montanans and people from across the country, Senator Baucus steadfastly refuses to address the institutional bias as part of healthcare reform.

Clearly, Senator Baucus prefers to maintain the current system which gives states the ability to limit home and community based services and force seniors and people with disabilities into nursing facilities and other institutions. Senator Baucus refuses to give seniors and people with disabilities the freedom to remain in the community.

No matter what anyone says, cost is NOT the issue.

The Congressional Budget Office recently confirmed that the Community Choice Act (S 683/HR 1670) may cost roughly $5 billion a year; that's comparable to a study done by Mitch LaPlante. Although $5 billion may seem like a lot of money, healthcare reform may cost over a trillion dollars.

So for just a small fraction of the cost of the healthcare reform package, our country could include the Community Choice Act in healthcare reform and eliminate the institutional bias. Seniors and people with disabilities would have a REAL CHOICE in long term services and supports and have the opportunity to enjoy the simple freedoms that every other American takes for granted.

We need to get the message to Senator Baucus that the Community Choice Act(S683/HR1670) is the key to our independence!

FIRST, SEND A KEY to Senator Baucus!

Find an old key. Any old key will do. Write a quick note or a more detailed personal story explaining that CCA is the key to freedom and send it off to Senator Max Baucus! His address is:

Senator Max Baucus
Empire Block
30 West 14th Street, Suite 206
Helena, MT 59601

THEN, FOLLOW THIS LINK to send a message to Senator Baucus and five of his "key" staff!

Let's deluge his office with keys! We hope that by getting keys in his office, Senator Baucus will get the message that CCA is KEY to healthcare reform!


Get people together, collect keys and have people send them in. And please forward this action alert around to other people and groups so they can help send a message to Max.

CCA is the key!

On behalf of the ADAPT Community, thank you for taking action to FREE OUR PEOPLE!

NATIONAL ADAPT MAILING LIST - Adapt Community Choice Act List

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