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The following alert is from the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania:

Representative Sturla, Majority Policy Chair, will introduce a funding reform bill based on the report commissioned by DRN, ELC, and The Arc of PA, and recommendations of our special education funding reform coalition, during the last week in April.He is currently seeking co-sponsors for this important legislation and we urge your action and support in making that happen.

HOW CAN YOU HELP TO GET THIS BILL PASSED?  Your immediate help is needed.  Please ask your Representative to call Representative Sturla's office ASAP and co-sponsor the
special education bill.  Use this link to "Find Your Legislator" -- Feel free to use the talking points below:

Talking Points
For Asking Your State Representative to Co-sponsor the

1.  Please call Representative Sturla's office and co-sponsor the special education funding bill.  The bill will be introduced later in April.

2. I am asking you to support reform of the state funding and accountability system for special education.

3.  The current funding system is broken, is unfair, and does not provide enough resources for special education in the right places.  It sets the number of
students eligible for state funding for special education at 16% regardless of whether the district has fewer or more students receiving special education.  It also does not focus the funding on strategies that have a track record for improving student performance.

4.  I am your constituent and I have personal experience with how this broken system hurts children with disabilities and all students.  (Give examples of your own experience.)

Thank you for taking action on this important issue.  To learn more, please visit

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